The best office to develop your potential, with a Mediterranean climate

Benicàssim is not just a place to visit. It's not just a season of the year. It's not just an ideal place to come to rest, retire or catch some air from time to time. Because in our small town on the Spanish Mediterranean coast you have everything you need to keep growing. And -wait for it- at an average annual temperature of 21°, and in European time. Come and find out for yourself.

Benicàssim, the place to become ·

Live and work in a magical place with everything you need very close to you

Do you need some inspiration? You can choose between the beach and the mountains. Between connecting and disconnecting from everyone. In Benicàssim magic appears in every corner, and you will be able to live and work in a place as special as each one of its people. With all the infrastructures, technology, shops, services, a dream hotel industry and all the connections you need to dedicate yourself to what you do and give the best level you have ever been able to achieve.


everything, in a single destination: benicàssim

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Here you have everything to keep growing

A universe in a town of 18,000 inhabitants. Live the Benicàssim experience, where everything is closer to you than you have ever felt before.


With our entrepreneurship programs and dedicated municipal services such as the Employment and Local Development Agency (AEDL), we are really close to entrepreneurs.

Art, culture, music…

Our renowned international music festivals (FIB, Rototom Sunsplash, LUCE or San San) are just the tip of the iceberg of our intense cultural activity.

International connection

Castellón airport (30 minutes away), Valencia airport (60 minutes away) or Barcelona airport (3 hours away) connect Benicàssim with almost any European city.

Shops and services

We have more than 300 shops and service companies capable of covering all the needs of your daily life without leaving our municipality.

Five blue flag beaches

In Benicàssim you will find 6.4 kilometers spread over five beaches: Heliópolis, Voramar, Torreón, Almadraba and Els Terrers. And yes – all with a blue flag, changing rooms, public toilets and access for people with reduced mobility.

A mountain in a natural park

Protected by law for more than 20 years, the Desert de les Palmes Natural Park offers you 3,000 hectares to see everything from another perspective. Hiking, mountain or road biking, trail running or disconnecting… you choose what motivates you, walking from the town.

The multicultural city

Our population is broad and diverse. We have neighbors who have been in Benicàssim for generations and others who have decided, as perhaps you will, to come and stay. We host international events that give a multicultural and dynamic style. Surely you want to come and discover it.

Mediterranean life, European style

In Benicàssim, the Mediterranean diet is the cradle on which we build a hospitality industry of an extraordinary level. We have more than 200 restaurants, bars and cafes where you can taste the good life, answer e-mails while having a drink or unwind at 5pm any day of the week.

Would you like to come and discover Benicassim? Have you decided yet to move here for a season? We will help you with the paperwork, wherever you come from

Moving, temporarily or permanently, involves procedures and paperwork, clearing up dozens of doubts and even overcoming language barriers. Don’t worry. We are here to help you through the entire process. Write us or call us and we will help you with everything you need, we look forward to welcoming you as a neighbor!

Any questions? Write usSchedule an appointment at City HallCall our specialists

Register in our municipality, open a bank account or register an internet or telephone line. We are here to give you a hand.

Are you looking for a coworking? We have it. A coffee shop with Wi-Fi? Deal. A place to open your business? Choose. Whatever you need, here it is, minutes from you.

Our public Health Center is at your disposal 365 days a year with an emergency service. We also have private clinics.

In Benicàssim you will find branches of the most common banks in Spain and ATMs where you can carry out all the procedures you need.

If you want to establish your family in Benicàssim, you have to know that the quality of life we have here is more than extraordinary. Safety, kindness, fun, peace, inspiration... You name it.

Public and private schools and institutes, language schools, private academies... Benicàssim has a high-level education in a dynamic environment.

To grow at your own pace, alone or accompanied

Here you will find a place where you will feel at home from the first day. If you come alone or as a couple, or you venture with friends, you will have an environment where you can develop your potential with a magnifient quality of life.

To settle your family with everything you need

Each member of the family will find their place here. And we will help you at all times to manage all your logistical, educational, accommodation needs from the very beginning…

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    Benicàssim is of all colors

    Benicàssim is light. It is calm. It is action. It's sunrise, sunset, sun, pretty clouds. It is mildly hot in summer and mildly cold in winter. It is an autumn in which you can bathe in the sea, a spring in which you go in short sleeves.